Eat Hot Dog Lite App Reviews

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It was hella dank but now...

This app was dank until I noticed I can't even have ketchup on the hotdog. What if I don't like mustard? Racist..


This is totes the best game on the application store! ⛱


This game is almost as swag as me

Good for little ones

My 3 year old brother loves this game! It makes him laugh (and I think his laugh is so cute so I will rate 5 stars for him!


I wanna make a hot dog

This was a waste of money even tho it was free

Yup this is a waste of my time money and consideration you should never buy this app. Don't do it.


This is stupid you can only eat a hot dog i will give it 1star


Imagine what a waste of 99 cents this would have been. So stupid


Some people might think this app is so boring and delete it before they even play but If you pretend your eating a hot when your yapping it it's really fun and then you can make yourself a hotdog and eat it while you play the game

Super fun!

It is awesome!!!


Stupid very dumb :/ it keeps saying eat another one all u do is tap tap tap have another one! :/.


How is this "fun". Never buy I got the full game it's even dumber. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!



Hav andor one

It just keeps saying hav anodr one

I do not like it


It's ok



I lOvE tHiS aPp!!!!!!!! :):):)

It stinks sorry

I'm sorry

So not boring

I love it I'm am not gitting fat

This is terrible

This is a terrible game. Its sooo stupid anyway if i can give this game a zero i would.


Poo it is horrible do not get this APP!

Stupid game

It is so dumb, you can't even choose where you bite. Don't ever buy this app, and if you have it, delete it.

Soooooooooo bad

Do not buy

Sooooo lame

This app is a waste of time I do not like it at all worst app ever never get it you will just delete it never ever get it


I think it's dumb. I thought you could actually make a hot dog but you can only eat one. Whatever you do don't get this app. Even though it's free it's lame. Don't get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have diabetes I can't eat a bunch but now I can! :-)


This was very filling for my stomach :) I had that cookie for desert:) mmmm...

Boring boring boring

So boring all you do is eat a hot dog... Do not waste the time.. So boring boring boring. Worst game ever, do waste time with it..


you eat a hot dog?


This is so lame,I know it's free but it's a waste of time.


This is by far the best app ever!!!! love it.. well i dont like eating hotdogs in real life but virtual hotdogs are great!!!!!!

:/ uhhh..

Lame. Lame. Lame DO NOT BUY.


HORRIBLE!!! It is a bunch of poop and popcorn pee

Is there even a purpose to it?? All u do is tap a hot dog for crying out loud! How is that "fun?"


It needs ketchup


This is the stupidest game in the universe it doesnt even look good


This has got to be the dumbest app aver!!!

Horrible don't even try there other apps they are all Lame and gay.

I hate this game . I thought it was going to be cute but It is horrible and gay. Don't waste your time.


Uh...yawn? Most lamest game ever!! Although da hotdog did get me hungary...

Bad n boring

This app is so freakin boring and lame

The most LAMEST app EVER!!!!!'

This is the most stupidest app in the world, who ever wastes their time on an app like this, u r so strange and the people who make these apps, u have got to be kidding me!


Haha. Kind of HILAIRIOUS how stupid it is:)


Boring. Don't waste your time!


It's just plain lame. Boring.. and gay


Boring y do ppl make apps like this all u do is tapp on a hot dog and it dissappears and reapears boring I deleted it




extremely strange!?

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